How to prime your body for pregnancy - even if you think you have tried everything!

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Meet some of the families who have benefited by
improving their fertility markers and quality of life
~ Pre conception planning for success

"10 years TTC, 3 prior IVF attempts, twins at 45, it is possible!

Helen's program and care came at a critical point in my journey. I had exhausted many resources. I kept my hope strong, my will even stronger. The support received here bought me to tears. I could count on the wisdom and unwavering support, even in the wobbly times. 

Judy Payne, Australia

"I had the liberated pregnancy I desired second time around, after complications, IVF and hospitalisation with my first"

Before starting to try for our second, we took Helen's advice for 5 months prior. This time around, no IVF, no hospitalisation, no C-section. We thought we were healthy, but this program got us over the line to add to our family.

Cat and Doug, Australia

"I was accepted by IVF! Losing the excess weight helped me immensely"

"Your guidance and programs helped me reshape my body. I went from extremely obese to the normal range which meant I was accepted in IVF. Doing the programs with my husband was so supportive. We broke our bad habits and introduced new ones. I feel more confident going into motherhood."

Tracey and Wolfgang, South Africa

Meet Your Facilitator


 I combine medical science, whole-body health, menstrual health, relationships, and energetics to boost fertility markers
Embarking on a fertility journey can be challenging both physically and emotionally. My programs create the holistic approach to the mind-body-spirit connection of conception that many say is missing.
My passion is to help turn struggles into majestic parenthood! We live no stone unturned so you can enjoy the path to parenthood.

I ran an IVF lifestyle program, with high pregnancies and births. I am a specialised fitness, nutrition and mindset practitioner for fertility, as well as a knowing how to rectify menstrual cycle imbalances. Plus my delight to author the book ‘Consciously Conceive Your Baby; The Inner Secrets to Boosting Your Fertility and Getting Pregnant’.

So let us connect, I get to know you, and we get to create your precious family.

What you will discover in six days...

Six pivotal pillars of fertile health. I give you the framework,
you fill in the gaps to work with your cycles, and you rinse and repeat.
Thats how effective and simple it is. 


For boosting fertility markers backed by research and recommendations as applied to the fertility sector and in my work with IVF and in private practice.  Psst... go harder, stronger,  is not better!

 Fertility Nourishment

Learn the fundamentals for fertility nourishment. Build your uterine lining with nutrient dense goodness (the first source of food your baby has!)


Apply mindfulness that can improve your Fertility Quality of Life (FertiQoL). Evidence based methodology is taught to improve the mind-body-spirit connection


How to keep intimacy alive, communication moving and representing your needs with clarity. Discover three powerful ways to deepen and spark your connection!

Nature and Nurture

Fertility is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Discover how to tap into cyclical rhythms of nature and how this can help in manifesting your miracle.


Hope is at the heart of your journey. To have continual access to the confidence of what your future holds helps make the journey a sweet experience. Wherever you are today, welcome.

This is for you if...

  • You wish to prepare your body and health for getting pregnant
  • You wish for subsequent pregnancies and healthy outcomes
  • You have predisposed health conditions where your medical health professional has recommended diet and lifestyle change for getting pregnant
  • You are wanting to improve your health as part of a preconception plan
  • You want clear guides and best practices, so all actions that you take are worth it. 
  • You are preparing to freeze your eggs.

We have taken the guesswork out of fertility health and best practices

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 Helen is amazing and so passionate in helping people to have their dream child. After a miscarriage at 20 weeks, i was devastated. My husband and I followed Helens' guidance and we were pregnant within 3 months. Our daughter is with us now, our family complete. 

Thi Nguyen

 Thank you for being a part of our angelic team. You managed to help me redefine my birth story. The angst, the worry was replaced with hope. I felt my rainbow baby. You are a gem of a soul. We are glad we found you! I will always recall your words "you are whole, complete, you've got this". 

Tash and Bryan

 Forever grateful! We will return for pregnancy #2! The six steps worked! My irregular periods stabilised, I was able to ovulate regularly and we conceived last Spring! I knew there was a way, and you showed me how. 

Melanie and James

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